EarthWear Face & Body Products - Handmade with All Natural Ingredients

EarthWear Face & Body Products -
  Handmade with All Natural Ingredients

My Belief
I believe that it is very important to know what you are putting in and on your body. Your skin is a gateway to your system and anything you put on it will absorb into your body, just like a nicotine or pain patch that you put on your skin to administer medication.  You have the option to choose what you use on your body. Be aware of what is out there and make your decisions based on what is important to you. We all have different reasons for our priorities: allergies, toxins, disease, sensitivity, personal beliefs, overall health... I believe it's important to care and be aware of what we are exposing our bodies to.

My Intention
I started making products for myself because I was having a hard time finding skin products that were "truly" all natural. I found a lot of products that advertised and claimed to be natural, but when I read their ingredients list, I found that they were far from it. My intention is to make and supply people with healthy, safe, non toxic and chemical free products that they can use daily, and take comfort in knowing that they are "truly" All Natural.

What is so special about EarthWear?
All EarthWear Products are made by me, by hand, from scratch, with all natural ingredients. The difference between my product and the products you buy in the drug store, is that there are no chemicals, no toxic ingredients, no artificial color or fragrance and no irritating preservatives in my products. I make my products in small batches with pride, integrity and care for the skin that will be using it.

What you should know ...

Lotions (Rejuvenating & Combination/Sensitive) - Because your EarthWear facial lotion does not contain harsh synthetic preservatives, it will not have the same shelf life as products that do. To prolong the life of your new lotion, keep it tightly sealed in a cool place and use a clean tool to remove the lotion from the jar or very clean hands. Dirty hands introduce bacteria each time you put your fingers in the lotion, therefor decreasing the life of your lotion. Be sure to use your lotion before the Best Before date. (although, proper care of your lotion will extend the shelf life)

Cleansers - My cleansers do not contain irritating surfactants, therefore they do not suds or foam. They have the consistency of water or gel. They are gentle and mild astringents that cleanse your face without damaging or irritating your skin, and won't leave your skin feeling tight or dry.

Feel good about what you are not putting on your skin.

I hope you enjoy!


Available only in Canada

EarthWear Face & Body Products do not contain:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphates
  • Parabens
  • Artificial Color or Fragrance added
  • Chemicals
  • Toxic Ingredients  


 2015 Summer Farmers Markets

Thursdays - Kimberley Farmers Market

Saturdays - Cranbrook Farmers Market

Sundays - Fernie Mountain Market

How EarthWear began....

EarthWear Available at these locations

British Columbia 

Cranbrook - From the Ground Up Organics

Fernie -  The Healing Hollow

Invermere - Smaller Footprints Children's Boutique



Martensville - Ready Set Baby

Meadow Lake - Abundant Living Health

Meadow Lake - Wholelife Wellness

North Battleford - Western Development Museum

Prince Albert - Scentiments Floral

Prince Albert - The Healing Garden Spa Therapies

Regina - Dad's Organic Market

Saskatoon - Dad's Organic Market

Saskatoon - Intuitive Path Superfoods (Stoon Farmers Mkt)

Saskatoon - SaskMade Marketplace

Saskatoon - Whole Nutrition & Health

Swift Current - Smart Flowers

Warman - Nourish Health Food Store

Watrous - Little Olive Health Market

Watrous - Manitou Springs Mineral Spa


 2014 Top Sellers

                  1. Rejuvenating Face Lotion

                     2. Duck Spray (seasonal)

                     3. Delicate Petals Eye Satin

                     4. Essential Self Restorative Facial Oil

                     5. Combination/Normal Face Lotion AND

                         Better Body Butter

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